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Welcome to the nations best chrome plating solution for your bike. Performance EDGE has been offering show quality "wet chrome" service to customers/dealers across the US, and around the world, since 2003.

Chrome plating aluminum has always been a tough task, due to the inconsistency of aluminum content in which parts are made during the "mold casting" process. With the proper preparation, and close attention to detail, we can provide you with a superior chrome finish that looks better, lasts longer, and produces a brilliant lustrous finish for your parts.

Our standard 5 layer chroming process for aluminum parts and wheels consists of a chemical wash that strips the part free of paint and finishes, then multi-step polishing process to remove imperfections, chemical etching bath, nickel plating, copper plating, semi-bright nickel plating, bright nickel plating, and finally a chrome layer plating. All parts are polished after each layer of plating to ensure that when the final layer of chrome plating is processed, your parts look "wet". This is the name our first customers gave our chrome processing in 2002 as describing our process as: "the wettest chrome around" and "liquid chrome".

As with chrome, there is always a choice that's available that's less expensive. You've heard before "you get what you pay for". This is also true when it comes to chroming. "Less expensive" means shorter prep time, cutting corners with polishing, and less frequent maintenance and chemical changes in the plating tanks. The outcome? Chrome that doesn't have the reflective qualities that you would expect, and reduced longevity of the chrome plating is also common.

The proper prep, additional polishing time, additional layers of plating, routine maintenance on plating tanks, and frequent changing of the plating solutions ensures that your parts turn out right the first time; with the best chrome adhesion properties with aluminum in the business.

As our customers have mention to their fellow riders to explain the quality of our work, "Its the best chrome out there, period".

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Chrome Rear Hub Service
Chrome Rear Hub Service
Our Price: $109.00

Beautifully chromed, perfect match for our chrome pulley service

Please send us your stock rear hub, in "exchange" for the freshly chrome rear hub. We can ship to you first if you would like for a $59 deposit. When your stock rear hub is received, a $50 refund will then be issued to you.

Please check with us first for our current "onhand" inventory.

This item ships for "free" to you!
Chrome Rear Hub Service
Chrome Rear Hub Service
Our Price: $175.00

Warrior, Raider, Stryker, and Roadliner rear hubs are instock, ready for immediate exchange!

Your rear hub is carefully diss-assembled, chrome plated, and re-assembled. All bearings and studs are removed for this service, and then installed for you, labor is included in the price. This is a perfect compliment for a chrome rear pulley.

Please note, this rear hub is available to you on a "exchange" basis, when inventory permits. Contact us first for exchange availability, or send in your rear hub for processing. (normally 5 week turn around time)
Big Dog Chrome Hand Controls
Big Dog Chrome Hand Controls
Our Price: $499.00

Chrome hand control set for your chopper with the best plating in the US. The smooth lines from the contour of the design of these parts look awesome when accentuated by our "wet chrome" finish. Your Big Dog hand control set is carefully disassembled, chrome plated using our "wet chrome" show finish, cleaned, then reassembled for you.

Labor is included in this package price. Any additional costs would be nylon spacers used to keep the levers tightly fit into the master control housings, preventing any up-down movement of the levers while the bike is in motion.

Please send in your parts for this chroming service, as this is not a stocked item for exchange. (normally 6 week turn around time)
Multi-Spoke Stock Harley Davidson OEM Wheels
Multi-Spoke Stock Harley Davidson OEM Wheels
Our Price: $799.00

Beautiful 5 layer "wet chrome" for your multi-spoke HD rims. Each spoke hand polished to ensure optimum lustrous chrome finish. Its the best finish of chrome on aluminum in the United States, hands down!

Please remove bearings and seals prior to sending in your wheels for processing. (normally 5 week turn around time)
Big Dog Chrome Wheel Package
Big Dog Chrome Wheel Package
Our Price: $1,349.00

"Wet chrome" wheel service for your BDM. Includes front wheel, front hubs, rear wheel, rear hubs and all hub bolts. Send us your parts dissassembled for fastest service. If you would like for us to diss-assemble and re-assemble your parts, just add $199. We can also provide tire dismount and mounting service too.

Please note, that the rear pulley is not included in this package, but can be added for an additional $225.

Please send in your parts for this chroming service, as this is not a stocked item for exchange. (normally 6 week turn around time)