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Our wide tire kits represent the strongest and most reliable fabrication / modification of the stock parts on your bike, to achieve a very impressive cosmetic upgrade to your bike, from any other shop in the country. In 10 years of building wide tire kits, we've never had a swingarm or rear wheel fail or facture, ever.....

Your swingarm is jigged, prepped, modified, welded, and final finishing work completed. Your swingarm can either be prepped for chroming, or ultra tough powder coated surface. Your rear rim is carefully cut on the outer edges, then a specific size wheel blank hand welded in place, both on the tire side and also the visible side. This allows for the strongest weld joining possible. When prepping the wheel for final finishing, the exposed weld bead is removed by machining, and any porosities are spot welded, then prepped again. This allows for a beautiful finish to your newly widened wheel.

Additionally, a wheel that has been widened by Performance Edge, has less "run out" or "variance" than a stock OEM wheel....

Since we can't stock every variation of wide tire kits for the many bikes we service, please check with us first for our on-hand availability. Chances are if we don't have your kit in-stock, we can build one for you with the existing core parts we keep here in the shop. In cases that our core parts are obligated to other customers, we may ask that you send in your own parts for modification. Quick turn around time and strict attention to detail, are the key factors that are comprised in building your kit, so that its "got to be good enough for our own bike" guideline (!)